2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge - Challenge #2 - AAQI Pieces

2013 FMQ Challenge for AAQI copy 
Continuing SewCalGal's Challenge I have made 2 small mini Quilts for the AAQI. My MomInLaw (Mom), Theresa Gilley, suffers from Alzheimer since June 2006. Both of these quilts started as practices for the feathers challenge.  This one is my main  one. I used some of the borders I learned last year in the  ripples of my wonky feather. Mom said it needed beads so I added them also.

This is my 2nd mini quilt for AAQI called Tea's Feather.

 Ripples was actually later attempt of making a quilt for this challenge.  For some reason my brain would not get the dimensions correct and my first one was too large. I wish my actual 1st could be used, I retried making it smaller but made a total mess. In it I used the trupunto method taught by Diane Loomis for my flower blooms and leaves and also the tutorial by Susan Brubaker Knapp using a photograph. It from my Mexican Petunia photo.

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