Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Stocking pattern.

I began by layering top batting and backing and then free motion quilting the piece.

Then I cut out two boot pieces, making sure there is was a front and back.
Then with right sides together, sew boots together, leaving top open.
Next take your cuff piece (6 1/2" x  8 1/2") and batting (3 1/4" x 8 1/2") layer  covering half of the top. Then fmq the portion that has batting. 

Then trim a fold  in half right sides together and stitch.
Now fold so this piece forms a cuff and pin.
I then stitched the raw edge together a scant 1/4"
Now the cuff (right side facing wrong side of the boot) will need to be stuffed inside the boot ( that has been turned right side out)
Matching raw edges of boot and cuff. matching cuff seam to back seam of boot pin.
Now sew raw edges a fat 1/4" seam.
Trim extra threads and pull cuff out.
Now fold cuff over. Normally I leave about a half inch of cuff on the inside.
Sew ribbon loop to back By machine or hand.
Stocking is finished.
I think if you click on the pattern picture. You can the right click the photo and select print. On your printer preferences choose letter size paper.



Free Motion Quilting Challenge 6 ~ Year end

Last year and continuing this year SewCalGal presented a FMQ Challenge
Thank you SewCalGal, tutors and fellow free motion quilting quilters. My first insight is that I must do some fmq at least weekly and preferably 4 - 5 times a week. I found post cards are good size to stay warmed up and to practice old and new techniques. Also, I have gotten to where I really realize I don't have to hold and stretch my piece so taunt and small movements are best done with finger tips

This was one of my projects for Susan Brubaker Knapp bonus tutorial. I felt that my piece had not clearly represent my photo and was too clutter.
For my project this year I decided to trace the parts from my photo with a light box I wanted and then I played and drawed and altered and combined another view of my Mexican petunia. Then I traced the drawing on a piece of paper and the onto my fabric. Last year I had stitched my design on through my paper tracing and hated trying to get all the tidbits of paper off.
On this piece I continued to use the trapunto my blooms and leaves. That I learned from Diane Loomis bonus tutorial.

I love to use trupunto on my Post Cards I love the way it pops. My piece for last year had cut too close to my initial stitching  through my top fabric and have learned to be more careful trimming.
Last years piece

Last year my fmq Feathers had such a large improvement due to Diane Gaurdynski
You can read about it here

My improvement is more fluid and varied. Thank you  Teri Lucus and Joanne Of  Thread Head for additional tutorials

I love playing with the feathers and embellishing them.
Last year borders by Patsy Thompson.
I figured the first part of my improvement needed to be that I completed last years project.

I also applied multi borders to post cards and quilts

My Piece for this years Patsy's Border Challenge
learning to design  and practice.  I love the final border using Cindy Needham repetitive lines in the final checkerboard border.


 Using stencils and stitching on lines and embellishing and adding

And Leaves on border
And although my quilting isn't as good as a friend said
Look like a quilt that was quilted by the computer driven design
It sure made me feel good. I look forward to more free motion quilting.