Today was my Thimbleberries & Moda Bee. We finished swaping out our blocks for the year challenge.
While at the meeting I ironed my HST that have been multipling with each project I make. These come from the dog ears that normally would be cut off and tossed.

Second section of Hometown Christmas completed


Beagles...Some of my bayers


Hometown Christmas Quilt

I bought the set of books for Hometown Christmas Quilt earlier this year wanting to make this quilt, but they got laid aside for other projects. Kim and some other ladies from my online Thimbleberries group started chatting about doing this together over the 6 months making 2 sections each month... So I'm joining in.

Here is My fabric selection.

My first section completed. I really like the colors so far.

FLS Nesting Round Robin

First Round Rectangles & Squares

Center for Nesting Round Robin