SewCalGal - 2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge #3- Feathers

Click Feathers by Joanne of Thread Head  to go to the challenge.... I have been practising and practising.


Here I tried some pointy lobes and tips and tucking some lobes behind.

Here's a funky feather

I found I really don't like my threads not showing
and this wasn't enough.

so I added more color
Here is another thread the same color and I do like it a bit better some tucking of lobes, pearls in some spines,different sizes and shapes of lobes and different fillers.
Thank you Joanne and SewCalGal playing with feathers has been fun.

2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge - Challenge #2 - AAQI Pieces

2013 FMQ Challenge for AAQI copy 
Continuing SewCalGal's Challenge I have made 2 small mini Quilts for the AAQI. My MomInLaw (Mom), Theresa Gilley, suffers from Alzheimer since June 2006. Both of these quilts started as practices for the feathers challenge.  This one is my main  one. I used some of the borders I learned last year in the  ripples of my wonky feather. Mom said it needed beads so I added them also.

This is my 2nd mini quilt for AAQI called Tea's Feather.

 Ripples was actually later attempt of making a quilt for this challenge.  For some reason my brain would not get the dimensions correct and my first one was too large. I wish my actual 1st could be used, I retried making it smaller but made a total mess. In it I used the trupunto method taught by Diane Loomis for my flower blooms and leaves and also the tutorial by Susan Brubaker Knapp using a photograph. It from my Mexican Petunia photo.


Churn Dash Meets Nine Patch

This Thimbleberries quilt began with a block swap with Quilter's Hollow. Members swap the churn dash variation blocks found in Kim Diehl's book "Simple Comforts". After the swap was completed I decided I wanted them to border a medallion center and chose to use one of Kim's applique' patterns from the same book. I then added two plain borders. (2009)

I n 2012 I participated in 2 Nine patch swaps, one with TBLovers2 group and the other Thimbleberries/Moda Bee.

These are some of the blocks I made.

My Little Red Hens Bee has a UFO  challenge each year due in July and I decided that this would be one of my challenges.
The beginning of April I began to work on the top

I added a couple more borders and pieced a back. Then the quilt was put on hold. In June I pin basted the layers and began quilting. I free motion quilted the quilt using many of the technique's learned from SewCalGal 2012 and 2013 FMQ challenge. Thank you to all the ladies that swapped blocks with me, to SewCalGal and instructors, and to the Little Red Hens and Kim Monins for the UFO challenge to complete this quilt. Most of all I thank God that he gave me peace while completing the quilt.  (June 2013) Quilt measures approximately 80" x 86"
Finished Front

Finished Pieced Back

Close ups of some of the quilting

sketching ideas for quilting

Post Cards

SewCalGal is having a continuation of FMQ Challenges

(click on link to learn more)
2013 Free-Motion Quilting Challenge #4 - FMQ Postcards by Janet McElroy
Hope you will come join us.

I love to make fabric post cards.
Here are a few that I made this year.




I have been working on this sewing/quilting tote for a very good friend. I hope she will like it.
This side features machine embroidery and button embellishments.
 The embroidery designs are by
 They are very generous with their designs.

This side is a pieced 12" finish quilt block called Stepping Stones. The block is quilted in the ditch and the teal is free motion quilted feather.

The side pockets are also fmq in a white rayon thread. I used several designs
clams,swirls flames, jester hats,outlining basically just whatever I fancied at the moment.
On the bright pink I fmq meandering loops. A good bit of that quilting is hid inside the pockets.

Click on the photos to get a larger view.
Hope you have enjoyed my Show and Tell.


2013 LRH Ufo Challenge

 Voe's 1st

mine 2nd
 mine 3rd
 Diane 4th