A New Year!

First I want to praise the Lord Jesus Christ for saving my soul and being my comfort and strength. He is faithful and just.
It has been over a year since I posted. I am going to try blogging again.
The last year was spent way too much of the time with doctors , hospitals and such stuff.

The year also brought me great joy as well, The Lord worked it out so my Dad could visit me and relations be repaired and renewed between him and my husband. We had a wonderful visit.

Crystal, Scott, Brady & Anthony


On Nov 14 the Lord gave me another Grandson, Brady. Now I get to play and watch Anthony and Brady. Truly a great blessing to me, that my son and daughter-in-law give me this privilege and that God has given me the health to be able.

In Dec I was able to visit with my other grandson, Daniel. This is another great blessing and answer to prayers. I continue to pray that God will allow us to spend more time with Daniel.

My Mominlaw is still with us. I still take care of her, but I now have more help. My sisterinlaw and botherinlaw and husband take turns with me (Her children) .

Rag Tote_________Brady's Quilt______ I Won a ribbon at Fair

I am still making quilts and sewing. It takes more time, but that is OK.