Quiltville winter Mystery link up reveal

This was my inspiration fabric. I had 1 yard 1 inch of the fabric to begin with and was going to make the smaller size of the quilt. Part way through I decided to make the whole size and planned on using a second fabric (constant)
The larger piece is 19 1/4 inches.

 centerless bowties for pink quilt.

pink top almost finished

pink top completed!!!!
I love it.

Top 2 Bonnie's colors stretched

Sampling of clue 5. With making two quilts, these little units took forever to make. I made all the pink ones first. Then I went back to clue 4 & made my red centerless bowtie units. I forgot to make pictures during this time.Then came back to clue 5 and made my grey units.

All my star blocks are completed.

Only 4 of the echoes of Pisa

To read about and see more of these quilts....


Thank you Bonnie Hunter for a wonderful quilt mystery!


link up #4

Progress So Far

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A Few Other Protects I'm Working on.

Merry Christmas!


Allietare mystery link up clue #3 & more

Bonnie Hunter is hosting her yearly winter mystery and I am having a blast. I started out to only make the smaller size and while making clue #2 decided to make the full size. I only had a tad over a yard of fabric of my constant (a beige with butterfly print) for the gray. So I will be using 2 fabrics for my constant. Can't wait to see how this works.

Anyhow back to clue 3. These are mine.

While making Clue 3 and looking at the pictures on FB of the ladies completed clues I found myself liking Bonnie's colors. I had a gray print that I really liked but it was very directional. I like stripes and plaids a lot but really wasn't sure I wanted to attempt to use this one in a mystery. So I made a sample and asked the ladies on Quiltville's open studio. I figured if I got 100 like in 24 hours I would go for it. Here is the sample.

I received a few comments with the same concern I had but also some that that loved it. Before 8 hours were past I had over 100 likes. So I am making two full size mystery quilts this go around.


Clue #1

Clue #2

Clue #3

Thank you Bonnie for a great mystery!

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Christmas ornament

Found this wonderful tutorial.


Thank You Super Mom. I Loved Making This Decoration. It Was My First One, But Definitely Not The Last One.

Beautiful Cloud Formation From The Garson Bridge 
This Morning.


Clue 2

I am enjoying Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville WinterMystery2015 "Allietare!"

Two things happened on clue 2
The first is I have decided to make the full size. I just could not choose only 10 pinks (reds).

So then I got busy an made up the remainder 116 (I had made extra last week) of clue 1

All done

Oh and the second thing is/was green is  now my black.

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Time Flys

Over a year and a half??? Where did the time go?????????

I have joined in Bonnie Hunter's  Mystery Quilt 2015 this year.  You can read about it here.

Here are my fabrics so far for my quilt version.

I am working from my stash, so I'm substituting the butterfly print for the grey, pink for red, violet for black, green for gold and neutrals. 

I know the constant and neutrals are a little too close in value, but I think it will work.

If they don't I have a plan. shh!

This is what I am working on while waiting for the next clue for the mystery.

I finished making the top last week and am now basting it together.