Not so quilty

Last month, one of my son's friend sent 2 potholders home with him. The pot holders were crocheted. I studied them for a while trying to figure out how they were made, but couldn't.  It has been quite some time (years), since I've crocheted.
Well, at my Thimbleberries/Moda bee, my quilt bee. One of the ladies was working on her potholder the very same crocheted pattern and was able to  show and tell me how to make them.

I am hooked (ha ha).  Here are two that I made since along with their Hand towel.
And for a little quilty ~  here are a few scrapy blocks


Quilting Babcia said...

I've had one of these potholders for well over 10 years, and always wondered how it was made! Can you share tips on how it's done? My crocheting abilities are limited at best, but it 'looks' like it should be fairly easy! Yours turned out great!

Tina said...

I will try to do a tutorial on makiing one. Basically you start with cotton yarn. Joanne's and walmart carry it. Chain 36 to 42 stitches, single crochet inthe back loop of each chain, then single crochet in the front loop of each chain stitch, when you come to the first sc (single crochet) make the rest of your sc in both loops of the sc of the previous round. Continue crocheting rounds until your piece meets together. If you were making a rug you would be putting multiple single crochets in the end chains to help make your piece flat, by just putting sc in the back and front starting chain and then one crochet in the previous round of crochet makes the end parts pull up. Once the the sides meet you whip stitch them closing the potholder and then make your loop.