Bonus FMQ by Teri Lucus

December's bonus free motion quilting at SewCalGal was given by Teri Lucus. It was on using a software program Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 Software and its feathered package. It looks like it would be fun to use. Teri/SewCalGal provided a pdf to print out to do the challenge, but I don’t have the extra ink. So I printed out the outline drawing and then enlarged the print. I was going to use it to do my piece. But then I decided to go back and read the tutorial again. In the very last part it has handout with instructions to create feathers I used this and folded my piece of paper for a snowflake. Then I drew my feather on one sixth of the snowflake.

 Then I took my fabric and folded it into quarters and pressed it. Next, I took and traced the section on my fabric six times giving me a beautiful spiral of feathers. Not exactly sure it is a kaleidoscope of feathers. Then layered and quilted my piece.


This is the front with some of  
the tracing showing.


Back of my piece.
Thank you SewCalGal and Teri.
I have had a blast with this tutorial.


Martha said...

Your snowflake is beautiful and I love the border quilting!!! It really frames the snowflake well!!!!

Quilting Babcia said...

Your piece is gorgeous Tina! I love how you made your feather snowflake, and your quilting is wonderful.

Laura said...

This is beautiful, I love how you created the six sections, gives me a method to try in designing a wholecloth quilt!

Elvis Lives said...

That is lovely, both in design and execution.

Joan said...

Lovely Tina - Well done!