Adventures in Hawaiian Appliqué

“I don’t want to go home with Pupula Haole”

Hawaiian Appliqué Quilt

34 ½”


For this year’s Little Red Hen challenge, I wanted to make a pineapple quilt.

When I was a little girl, I lived in Hawaii. One of my childhood memories of Hawaii was a beautiful Pineapple quilt. In looking for a pattern for a Pineapple Hawaiian quilt. I found out that not only was the technique of how they are made, but they are to have special meaning to the maker. So I decided to design my own, Pineapples had to be the main focus. Next it had to have sausage fruits representing the weird fruits from the Sausage tree and also, some islands, these items are part of my memories from Hawaii.

For the hand quilting I outlined all the appliqué, then echo quilted portions and on the pineapples and islands did definitive quilting and finished the quilting with ocean currents in the white field.

As for the name, I used to tell my mom and dad “I didn’t want to go home with the Pupula Haole”, not realizing I was one myself.


Hand appliquéd, quilted and bound.

Cotton fabric, 80/20 Hobbs batting.


1st place blue ribbon and Best of the Blues in Creative Hobbies – 2012 Pensacola Interstate Fair
2nd place red ribbon - Little Ren Hens 2012 Hawaiian Applique Challenge

Special thank you to

Little Red Hens - for the Challenge and friendship

Elizabeth Root – online tutorials and information

 Poakalani &John Serrao – online inspiration and information

Leah Day – for inspiration for the ocean currents



Daddy & me 1959





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