August- Free motion quilt challenge

Busy, busy. Here it is the last day of Aug and I haven't posted about anything. But I have been busy. I am mainly working on a quilt challenge that is due in December. A Hawaiian Applique quilt, it is the first time I have made this type of quilt. You will  have to wait for more about this quilt till later. I did do a block for my local quilt guild a few years ago. Here is a picture of it.

Now on to the SewCalGal FMQ challenge for this month. Wendy Sheppard was our expert for August.
Her challenge to us was a jester motif. I spent spare time doodling these out.
Most of my practise was on paper.
I didn't care for my extra embellishment to the hat, but do like the plain jester hat motif.
Here is my stitched sample.

Thank you Wendy and Sew Cal Gal! I am looking forward to next months challenge.



Ivory Spring said...


Thanks for stopping by to say hi! :)

You did a great job on your Jester's Hat! Keep up the good work. :)

Raewyn said...

It looks great!

Mother of four said...

I have stumbled along your work by accident I think...? I was looking at a quilt called 'only in your 50's' the link came here, if its your quilt its stunning, if it isn't your quilt, your work here is stunning...
and the pillowcase dress... make more, the 'dress a girl around the world' charity needs them, I make them for that and for my less than elegant youngest girl... (you can hear her coming from miles away" lol)

take care of you
J x