Name this Tree

My Little Red Hens is having 2 challenges this year. We can pick to do either one or both. One of them is to make a Hawaiian quilt at least 24" square. I want to do this one and have been reading up on Hawaiian quilts. I found that they originally had a special meaning that was sometimes a secret. That a Hawaiian quilt is the technique the quilt and does not have to be made in Hawaii or by a Hawaiian. I may be stretching it a little far, but I have decided that I want to design my own. When I was little girl I lived in Hawaii. I remember a few things about that time and I have a few pictures from then as well. Two of the pictures are of a tree I have no idea of what it is and I could use some help. If you know what it is please leave me a comment. Thank you for your help.

Sausage tree

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