WIP'D and progress report

WIP'D report:
I completed my messenger bag.

Back in December I bought 2 pairs of pants at a yard sale. They both were 4" too long and I have just been rolling them up....I know I'm a seamstress/quilter, but the quilter wins out on my own stuff. But last night I decided to take the time to hem both pairs. Ya! they both look and feel much better.

Please excuse the extra strings.
Quilter's floor.


The next item is still a secret so I can only show partial pics. It is a mug rug. The quilter I'm swapping with said she likes purple, lilac, blue, and also loves applique.

I also finished my zentangle post card for a swap on TBLOVER2

Zentangles are totally new to me. And drawing(stitching) them on fabric was difficult until I thought about it as quilting.

Reminder: I am participating in a Pay it Forward, if you would like to receive a homemade gift from me sometime this year. Click here to participate. 


Progress on WIP but not done:

 I have completed the center blocks, sewn the center and some of the borders on my Thimbleberries "Village Green" .

I still have a pieced border and plain border to add.

I'm thankfully the Lord is still allowing me to sew.

In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and he shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3:6

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Lynnie said...

I Love all that you have shared! That Zentangle is awesome!! I am in love with that. I can hardly wait to see the rest of the secret project. What we can see of it is really pretty, I do like purple. I want to thank you for coming over and linking up on the WIP'D Linky! This is a very inspiring post. Keep up the great work.