Quilt Blocks, Post Cards and Lady

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Here is a sneak peek of the some of the "Winters aren't Blue" table topper blocks.

August Purple & Brown challenge block

I am providing the quilt block for Sept P & B challenge. At first I thought I would do this Shadow Trapunto..

But decided to do this maple leaf block.

I made this block for a friend.

These are the Post Cards I received in the FabLoversSwap first post card swap. Theme ...Garden

Oct 1998 - Aug 2009

Lady was my first beagle. She was a wonderful momma dog. She loved puppies and thought they were all hers. She even raised one litter of grand babies when her daughter suddenly died. Her favorite treat was bacon. She loved hunting and tracking but couldn't do much because of bad allergic reactions to poison ivy. She thought it was marvelous to go out with us target shooting. She also was very good with children and loved to play with them as long as they understood which toys were hers. She loved to get her nails clipped and get baths and ride in the car. We went to a many of yard sales and she always knew the beany squirrels were for her.

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searchfamilies said...

What wonderful blocks & other works really nice
Sorry about your dog you will have the memories of her
Hugs Janice