Here are my 2 color challenge blocks for the TB/ Moda Bee. Shades of Violet and brown I remade the Jacob's Ladder, because I fudged too much on the colors of the the first one. Cats and Mice is the 2nd block. 3rd is a TB SnowFlake. I still don't care for this color combination. yuks!

Next I worked on some charity blocks. The block is called Ozark Trail. It is suppose to be done in 2 fabrics. My 1st one is, but I wanted mine to spark so I added.

My 1st Dear Jane block (triangle). I bought the Dear Jane book back in 98 or 99 and have read through it and admired the work. But until now haven't made a single block. This one is for my friend Mel. I'm also swapping some cottages with her. Pictured is one of them and directions can be found at
And Feb TBL2 block

And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom: and to depart from evil is understanding.
Job 28:28

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Mel said...

Beautiful stuff!! I can't wait to put the 'summer' cottages into a project! Thanks Tina!!